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2015 Q3 Market Review

Equity and fixed income markets were especially volatile during the third quarter of 2015.

2015 Q2 Market Review

Emerging markets outperformed both the US and developed ex US markets in US dollars during the quarter. REITs recorded the lowest performance in developed markets, including the US.

2015 Q1 Market Review

Developed markets outside the US outperformed both the US and emerging markets, while US REITs outperformed broad equity market indices during the quarter.

2014 Q4 Market Review

REITs, particularly in the US, had higher returns than most asset classes in the fourth quarter, outperforming equity indices. US equities performed better than non-US developed and emerging markets. Many equity markets outside the US declined in US dollar terms.

2014 Year in Review

Despite a bumpy ride throughout 2014, the US economy gained pace while the US equity and fixed income markets outperformed most markets around the world.