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2018 Q3 Market Review

The significant performance divergence between US equity markets and Global ex-US equity markets continued this quarter, while interest rates continued their rise off of historically low levels.

2018 Q2 Market Review

The US equity market posted a positive return, outperforming both non-US developed and emerging markets in the second quarter. Bonds lost value as rising interest rates and a strong dollar pushed fixed assets lower.

2018 Q1 Market Review

If you tuned out all the noise about interest rate and equity volatility over the quarter, you’d think by the capital market’s performance that it was a fairly quiet period. In reality, there was much more going on under the … Continue reading

2017 Year in Review

The year of 2017 included numerous examples of the difficulty of predicting the performance of markets, the importance of diversification, and the need to maintain discipline if investors want to effectively pursue the long-term returns the capital markets offer.