Avocet Capital Management Launches Operations

The Independent, Multi-Family Investment Office Manages Money with a Practical, Long-Term Approach – Offering Affluent Families an Alternative to Institutional Money Management

CHICAGO – Avocet Capital Management, an independent advisor, is a multi-family investment office anchored by families with established wealth and supporting those with emerging wealth. Avocet’s headquarters is located at 321 N. Clark Street in the heart of downtown Chicago and is now offering individuals and families sophisticated investment advice – without institutional conflicts.

Alan Loewy, managing partner and portfolio manager of Avocet, believes that many families have become frustrated by their experiences when working with the large institutions managing money today. “Our clients want personalized service and to know that they can trust the advice they receive from their advisors.”

In response, Avocet has created a practical approach that guides families through the investment process and focuses on the critical decisions associated with managing risk and building efficient portfolios. “We work with our clients to set realistic expectations about their financial future and then implement that strategy in an unbiased, yet sophisticated manner. Accordingly, our clients have a high level of confidence that they will achieve their objectives,” said Loewy.

Avocet’s Philosophy and Approach

Today’s mainstream financial services industry is set up for the distribution of investment products, where institutions incentivize advisers to sell products and maintain portfolios that are more beneficial to their firm than they are to their client. Comprised of a sales staff, the employees of these institutions often lack the credentials and experience to properly guide clients through their financial decisions. As a result, client portfolios are often skewed towards the more profitable, but risky, investment vehicles.

Avocet was founded on three core beliefs: affluent investors do not need to take on high levels of risk to preserve their wealth, diversification of risk is essential, and that fees and trading costs matter.

As an independent advisor, Avocet has the ability to provide objective and personalized advice consistent with these beliefs. The firm takes a fiduciary responsibility to put its clients’ interests first and to minimize the conflicts, constraints and pressures traditional financial advisors face. Taking on the responsibility to provide sound financial counsel, Avocet aims to protect and preserve wealth through an approach that:

  • Adheres to a fiduciary standard of care
  • Is advisory-fee only and does not receive ANY outside brokerage fees or commission revenue
  • Utilizes transparent investment products and avoids the world of excessive fee load mutual funds, structured products, insurance vehicles and annuities
  • Employs only experienced professionals with a track record of being trusted advisors

“Unfortunately, over the years, most investors chase returns, erode principle through mismanagement of risk, pay exorbitant fees and generate inefficient tax liabilities,”stated Loewy. Avocet Capital’s investment philosophy is based upon the practical experience of affluent families who have preserved their wealth over multiple generations. “The investment portfolios that Avocet manages represent their clients’ long-term savings and need to be preserved. Accordingly, a successful investment experience must not just overcome market volatility, but fees, taxes and portfolio inefficiencies in order to maintain purchasing power for the future.”

Prior to founding Avocet Capital, Alan Loewy was a vice president in Private Banking at JP Morgan. In this role, Alan managed in excess of $300 million in assets for his clients. Prior to that position, Alan was an investment professional in Goldman Sachs’ Private Wealth Management Group where he constructed investment portfolios for affluent families. He also provided strategic consulting advice while holding positions with Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte Consulting.

To learn more about Avocet Capital Management and its capabilities, visit the rest of the website or call Alan Loewy at (312) 445-6269.

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Avocet Capital Management Launches Operations
Avocet Capital Management Launches Operations
Avocet Capital Management Launches Operations
Avocet Capital Management Launches Operations